Elly C Stuart

Elly C Stuart


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Welcome Wild Woman!

10am – 1pm Saturday 2 Sept – 14 October 2017

South Street, Totnes

Explore your true nature, connect to your wild side through reconnecting to your creative spark, listening to a powerful and ancient myth and through connecting to the Earth! A safe space for twelve women will be created by Integrative Therapist Tiziana Barton and storyteller/educator Elly Crichton Stuart.

Following the sudden death of her husband Elly took a sabbatical and moved to the north of Scotland to live as part of the Findhorn Community. In that time she faced her demons and learnt to live from a more authentic place. Her work as a storyteller has transformed and she was guided by teachers such as Richard Olivier and Joanna Macy. She was invited to run workshops at Findhorn and now works in a very different way from before, allowing the story to bring its medicine through the mirror it presents. Tiziana started her training in counselling and psychotherapy ten years ago. “It was part of my healing journey and I now work with adults, children and young people”.

Cost: £210/ £175

For more information and to book call Elly on: 01803 847986/text 07518 908179 or email ellycstuart@gmail.com


Exploring the Elder

28 Oct – 2 Dec 2017, 10am – 1pm

South Street, Totnes

Invited to sit in an Elders Breakfast during a workshop called Soultracker in 2011, Elly Crichton Stuart has been exploring what it means to be an Elder for the last 6 years. Inspired by her grandmother, a courageous Irish woman whose stories still resonate, and by teachers such as Joanna Macy and Richard Olivier, Elly is now being invited to speak about Eldering. She is also joining the Art of Mentoring as an Elder in Devon this summer.

So how do we step up in order to meet the challenges of this time on the Earth. We will explore the importance of “being” in a western world so intent on “doing”, how to slow down through reflective practices, taking nature as our teacher, journaling and life review, deep listening and which stories we choose to listen to and how we tell our own story. The course will have a framework but will also be guided by intuition so that we can follow the creative impulse of the group. Storytelling and Mindfulness will be part of the course.

Cost: £175/ 150

For more information and to book call Elly on: 01803 847986/text 07518 908179 or email ellycstuart@gmail.com



Historic Royal Palaces member of staff

Michael Day, CEO, Historic Royal Palaces

Chris Lawson, Head Teacher following a teacher training course at Kersey Primary School

Participants on Exploring Community Life programme for Findhorn Foundation 2010